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PArrot Perches And Toys

One major question our customers ask, and for good reason, is about the applewood and IS IT SAFE? Since we have been in business (2008), we are very proud to say we have never had one complaint about our product. Our method of insuring your pets are safe from any health issues is our first and foremost priority. We can't succeed without "YOU" and you the customer deserve this. It isn't something we do because we have to, it is because we want to, and for genuine reasons of making sure no animal or owner should suffer because of the ignorance of choosing profit over safety.

Secondly, we would like to inform you that our products are NOT pre - assembled from parts that are already manufactured and shipped to us.  We at Crafted Tree Products, design and build our products from natural apple tree wood, right here in Candada, giving us the control of what is safely used and distributed.

We, Crafted Tree Products, are "NATURALIST'S". We believe that your parrot/reptile, deserves to feel like they are living in their natural environment. We build products to closely resemble the natural life they are accustomed to, by using natural wood. We would like to let our customers know that we do NOT use living trees. These trees we use, are non-productive trees from apple orchards.

.Crafted Tree Products started it's roots, (no pun intended!), in London, Ontario and has recently moved to Iona, Ontario for convenience. Our business started in 2008 and has been growing stronger due to the demand to meet customer needs who are very interested in our Parrot and Reptile Perches.

As customers learned that Applewood is stronger than Java Wood, they have chosen our products for strength. To this day, we still have customers that have informed us that their perches are still in excellent condition, but even if for some reason they did need replacing, there is no need to worry about having to purchase a whole new perch.

Most of our perches were built with respect given to the customer of not having to buy the whole unit again. Many perches are built with removable branches and we can even add more branches to your existing perch, should you choose to do so.

Crafted Tree Products attends many Parrot and Reptile conferences for one simple reason. Yes, we do sell our products, but one great benefit to us, and to you, is to learn about the behavior of these Parrots and Reptiles and to better understand what our potential clientele want. Understanding your pets desires and needs, helps us to build a better product and a better relationship with our customers.

Should you have any questions or concerns, We strongly urge you to please contact us directly by phone or email, and we will do our very best to address any concerns or questions.

On behalf of Crafted Tree Products, we would like to thank everyone for their support in buying our products and to all that are interested and taking the time to view our website, and see our beautiful hand crafted products.

On behalf of the owners of Crafted Tree Products, I myself, Paulette Larocque & Bert Cornellisen, would like to thank you so very much for your time in viewing our products and we hope you appreciate the craftsmanship we have put into making these unique products.


Crafted Tree Products Parrot Perches And Toy'S